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Standard Workhorse Ultralight PI-SW-UL

Grip and Collar

A lightweight version of our Standard Workhorse with a slightly smaller 1" head. A perfect general purpose pipe for blowers concerned about weight. However, with half the wall thickness comes half the strength so you'll have to take care of them. They will bend if you drop them (especially the stainless versions). The Ultralight is great for production shops trying to ease the fatigue of lifting pipes for eight hours a day. 

Body choices
Stainless 3/4" x .065"   = 1.905cm
Steel - Chromoly 3/4" x .065"

Mouthpiece choices 
Polished Stainless
White Delrin plastic

Grip choices
10" hose grip with or without a shaft collar
Spongy grip with or without a shaft collar

Length 55" long    =   139.7cm
1" diameter head with 1/4" through hole    = 2.54cm