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About Us

Spiral Arts
Relentlessly pursuing excellence in the design and creation of glassblowing tools and equipment since 1994.

An Introduction to the Spiral Arts Team

Fred Metz
Founder / Design and Engineering

Innovation in the glass world is synonymous with Fred Metz. He continues to improve existing products and create ways to give the glass world what it wants and needs.  Fred is the genius behind numerous patents of glassblowing equipment.

Joe Miller
Operations Manager 

Great unions require synergy.  Joe Miller and Fred Metz are the synergistic energy behind the manufacturing that propels Spiral Arts to its continued growth and success.  Many of the original designs are Joe's creations and he was building Spiral Arts equipment before we were Spiral Arts.  You can find Joe's original ideas under the name M Space.


KT Hancock
Machinist / Pipe and Punty Maker/Fabrication/Hand Tool Maker

One would be hard-pressed to find someone who has greater knowledge about pipes and punties than KT.  She has been at her craft for over 6 years and is now passing her knowledge to the next generation of P&P makers.  KT is an up-and-coming glass artist is Seattle and has had several commissions from local organizations. 

Alex Morrison Refractory 

Look inside a Spiral Arts product and you will see Alex's incredible work.  He has a gift for detail and for understanding spacial relations between objects.  There is no better glassblowing refractory professional in the land.  Alex is an active artist and spends his free time honing his craft.  He does a nice job keeping Spiral Arts work posted on Instagram.


Nelson Neth Fabrication

Nelson joined the team after spending years in the ship building industry.  He is a skilled fabricator with an eye for detail.  He will also show off his varied abilities by working with refractory and assembly. His contributions have added efficiency into our production.

Aaron Eigenhuis Assembly

Aaron brings a diverse set of skills to our team, all the way from Georgia.  He is a talented fabricator and has willingly taken on and grown into the role of assembler, mastering several new skills along the way.  We are fortunate to have his talents here in Seattle!


Aaron Green Machinist 

We all think we can multitask, but very few can.  Aaron moves effortlessly and efficiently between machines, often running multiple programs.  As a machinist, he ranks near the top in the entire Puget Sound area. 

Kyle Suits Owner/Customer Service

Valuing and appreciating art brought Kyle to Spiral Arts as a second career.  His priority is building the best and most nimble team possible in order to continue to push the upper boundaries of quality of glassblowing equipment.