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Financial Aid

Many local energy providers offer financial incentives to customers who improve their energy efficiency. Natural gas savings is a high priority for most of these locales.

To be eligible, customers must demonstrate their actual savings or projected savings of natural gas. Most often, financial aid from the energy providers comes in the form of a grant.

With a grant writer on staff and a history of working with granting organizations, Spiral Arts has an 80% success/approval record for project funding, with funding percentages ranging from 29% to 100% of the total project costs!

Our largest funded project involved 6 furnaces, 6 glory holes, 4 pipe warmers and it was approved at 100% funding!

We work with the customer to develop an idea and then work with the energy provider to turn it into a fundable project.  We are there for guidance and support throughout the project. 

No project is too big or too small.

Got an idea/inquiry about a project that needs funding? Contact us today with your project idea:  206.768.9765 or email ksuits@spiralarts.com