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SpiralCast DNS

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SpiralCast DNS is a mullite based, low cement castable formulated for use in applications where thermal shock resistance, resistance to molten glass and resistance to chemicals are required. Used in glass equipment where strength and glass corrosion resistance is more important than insulation such as furnace interior walls, crown, sill, and door. Excellent for backing up a crucible in an invested pot furnace.  Also functions exceptionally as GH fire retention rings and trough.

Max. Use Temperature: 3100°F

Material Required: 161-165 pcf

Water Required: 4.0% (2 pts/55 lbs)

Cold Crushing Strength (after 1500°F): 16,000 - 21,000 psi

Al2O3 = 48%

Price: $130 per bucket

Sold in 55 lb. buckets. Shipping cost will depend on how many buckets are ordered and whether shipped UPS for small (one bucket) orders or freight for larger orders requiring a pallet.