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Doors for Medium (16"-19") GH

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Finally a glory hole door system with replaceable door inserts! Makes maintenance on glory hole doors a breeze.

Medium glory hole 16-19" fire rings use either a 3 door or 2 door configuration
Triple 3 door - Medium 12" + Small 8" + Extra Small 5"
Dual 2 door - Medium 12" + Small 6"

MGH Triple Doors: $3,165.00
MGH Dual Doors: $2400.00

When you buy the metal frames, you get one complete set of refractory cookies, no charge.

Lead time for building this set of doors is 4-6 weeks.
These doors are shipped in a crate and will be sent via freight only. They cannot go by standard UPS or FEDex. Shipping weight is 135lbs. (Dual) 175lbs (Triple). Shipping and crating costs will be billed when the doors are ready