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Front Loading Annealer- 27 cu ft

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Trusted by professional glass studios world wide, the entire 27 cu. ft. interior capacity of this annealing oven holds and anneals at consistent temperatures.  Using a Watlow EZ zone controller this oven is built for daily use.

2 doors per box featuring Spiral Arts Easy Latching System
Flat black or bright silver finish on all surfaces
Insulating fire brick interior
Interior rack – 2 shelf system occupying ½ of floor dimensions
Nichrome resistance heating elements

Approximate footprint, 45" deep x 75" wide x 67" tall
Interior dimensions approximately, 32” deep x 50” wide x 27” height
Interior volume approximately 27cuft
Approximate weight 1,125 lbs 

16.3 KW input – 35 FLA / 240VAC / single phase
Power supply needed: from 50 amp circuit breaker
Ready for hardwire connection.
Watlow EZ zone controller
Indication for (Power on), (Door open), (Door closed), (Hi limit exceeded)

Base Price $17,750
Upgrade to Watlow F4 with touch screen control  +$1,550
Upgrade to Watlow F4 with logging and trending  +$1750
Floor racks  +$500 each
Single phase  +$1,550

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