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Casting Ladle

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Every hot shop needs a good quality ladle. Whether you are casting into sand molds, emptying a furnace or simply glazing a new crucible, these ladles are made to last.

Each ladle is constructed with 1-1/8" diameter pipe with a reinforced section closest to the bowl. A 5-1/2" cross piece is welded onto the end forming a T handle. 

4" Ladle has a total tool length of 60-1/2" long.

6" Ladle has a total tool length of 60-1/2" long.

8" Ladle has a total tool length of 62-1/2" long.

4" Ladle $335

6" Ladle $345

8" Ladle $360

Single ladles will be shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard box. A larger quantity will require a wooden crate. The crate is not included in the price.
Shipping costs are not included and vary depending on location and insurance and container type.
All shipping is FOB Seattle - See ourshipping terms!