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Powder Booth

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Keep that powdered color contained in this beautiful and functional dust booth with HEPA filtration. No more worries about breathing in that color powder or other toxic fumes.  Comes with optional VOC filters  

Powder coated steel
Swivel total lock casters
Stainless back riser cover
Removable side flaps
Separable back draft riser
LED overhead light- 3500K, 4500K, 6000K selectable color temp.

Overall size: 63"H x 45"W x 28"D 
Table dimension: 23"D x 42"W 
Table height: 28"
Weight: 295lbs
Sound: 74db at 5ft.

Voltage: 120VAC / 1 phase / 60hz 
Current: 3 FLA 
Power Connection: Supplied with 8' cord

Base Unit (Sheet metal base and hood including HEPA cartridge, MERV 8 pre-filter and media pad pre-filter) $9,000

Replacement parts:

Modular air-cleaning unit $1,749
14" HEPA cartridge $550
14" MERV 8 pre-filter $54
14" ET inner carbon blanket $69
14" VOC canister $499
14" Ultra VOC canister $550
Media pad pre-filter $25

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