Small Glory Hole

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Quick change Glory Hole door - single door set
Segmented quick change fire ring
Dungs MPA Flame safety system - manual ignition

12" segmented fire ring
6" Medium doors or, 8" Medium doors and 5" small doors
Footprint approximately 47" high x 37" wide x 46" deep
Interior dimensions 14-1/2" diameter x 30" deep

Natural gas or propane 150,000 BTU/HR / 1 psi (27”w.c.) / 1/2” NPT 
2 Small Spiral Arts burners
Eclipse LP mixer and Dungs FRG regulator
Base model is manual burner output using panel mounted potentiometer
Automatic setpoint following available as an option
ETL listed control panel 120VAC / 5.5FLA / 1phase

Base Price $12,500
Automatic + Manual control system +$1,950
If you already have combustion air -$450
Two doors 8"medium and 5" small +$550