Standard Garage - SG10

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Standard 2 door Garage
Equipment mounted on heavy duty casters

Interior dimensions 13.5"high x 22" deep x 48"wide
Foot print approximately 64" wide x 38" deep. Max overall height 54”
Door openings 8”wide x 10” tall with steel door covers
Approximate weight  590 lbs

Spiral Arts Garage burner 75,000 BTU/HR
Service requirement  1psi (27”w.c.) / .5” NPT connection
Dungs combustion system control components
Brushless variable speed combustion air blower mounted on garage

Watlow EZ zone PID temperature controller
Two Type K thermocouples
Controls mounted on garage
Dungs flame safety system
ETL listed control panel 120vac / 1 phase / 8 FLA 

Base Price $12,500
Ramping control for annealing +$900
Side tool rack +$250

This Garage will be assembled and tested then mounted in a wooden shipping crate.
The added cost of the crates is $1,700.
We will only ship as a partial truck load on an air ride trailer.
Shipping often costs between $2,000 and $10,000 depending on location and insurance.
All shipping is FOB Seattle - See our shipping terms!