Day Tank Furnace - 400 lbs

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400 lb capacity soda lime glass melting furnace
Sintered round AZS tank liner
Roller-less easy opening door system
Dungs MPA Flame safety system 
Black or Silver finish

Footprint approximately 61" wide x 68" deep. Max overall height 76”
Door opening 11”wide x 12” tall
Approximate weight – full of glass 4,600 lbs
Controls and flue located on right hand side

    Eclipse Thermjet PCA burner
    Propane 400,000 BTUH / 1psi (27”w.c.) - 3/4” NPT connection
    Exhaust heat recovery system  - Stainless Recuperator
    Dungs combustion system control components
    Brushless variable speed combustion air blower mounted on furnace

    Watlow ramp soak and hi limit controllers
    Two Type R thermocouples
    Control panel dimensions 20” H x 8” D x 16” W - Mountable on furnace or nearby
    Indicator lights for (Power on), (Ignition on), (Flame on), (Flame fail), (Limits complete), (High limit exceeded)
    ETL listed control panel 120vac / 1 phase / 8 FLA 

      Base Price $43,500
      Watlow F4 with touch screen control  +$0
      Gas consumption metering and logging  +$4,500
      Backup door casting  +$250
      Stainless charging shovel  +$375

      This furnace will be assembled and mounted in a large wooden shipping crate.
      The added cost of the crate is $1,900.
      We will only ship as a partial truck load on an air ride trailer.
      Shipping often costs between $4,000 and $10,000 depending on location and insurance.
      All shipping is FOB Seattle - See our shipping terms!